I Love Playing Golf With My Wife

I play golf because I love the sport. I love golf because my parents, Lee and Ginger Hirshland, loved golf. They introduced my brothers and me to the game when we were kids, young enough to be interested, challenged and excited by it yet old enough to see and appreciate the passion they had for it. That passion and love they had never wavered, good rounds or bad, birdies or bogeys, pure shots or shanks. And they played the game together, always enjoying each other’s company regardless of the number written in the tiny box. I always knew they loved golf and I could always see they loved each other.


I had my brothers and my friends and eventually my teammates as playing companions and fellow competitors growing up but I always looked forward to playing golf with my mom and dad and enjoyed it every single time we teed it up together. They were always a part of my favorite foursome until the day they passed on to find a pick up game in whatever life awaits after this one. Now I have a new favorite playing partner and I know my mom and dad would be happy to hear that it’s my wife, Sarah.


I have played this game for almost six decades. I played for fun, I played competitively and I played because in some, six degrees of separation, world it was part of my job. I produced golf broadcasts on TV since 1990, traveling around the country and the world, and for many of those years the clubs would travel with me. Loaded inside the bay’s of the mobile production units they would meet me at each new venue waiting to be grabbed, thrown in the trunk of a rental car, carried to the first tee and put to use without warmup, or more than a practice swing or two, after a TV show. I met some great people, got to play some wonderful golf courses and found my love of the game turn to like, then dislike, then hate. It just wasn’t fun anymore so I stopped playing. Then I met the woman who would be my wife.

She had been playing for a few years but wasn’t, admittedly, any good. I had weeks at a time off so when she would get finished with work on certain evenings she’d want to go play 9 holes. I’d grab a wedge and a putter and go with her. I would marvel at her passion and her persistence and with no one watching, under a North Carolina setting sun, I remembered what I loved about the great game in the first place and realized a whole new appreciation for the sport. Golf has been a big part of our relationship since and she is, without question, the person with whom I most prefer to play and I have at least ten reasons why that is the case.

10 – She encourages me to tee it forward- As Toby Keith once said, “I’m not as good as I once was” and she knows my enjoyment for the round will be exponentially better if I play the golf course at a manageable distance.

9- She is equally optimistic and realistic on the golf course. When she knows she has the 160 yard carry over the creek she’ll happily, confidently give it a go. When it’s just not working for her the next time we play she knows there is no shame in laying up and trying to make par or bogey the hard way.

8- She’s competitive. We almost always add to the fun by figuring out a game or two before we tee it up (points for fairways/greens hit, sandies, one putts, points deducted for three putts). She can’t beat me yet when it comes to pure score but she almost always takes my lunch money on the side bets.

7- She always wants to get better. She makes an occasional birdie, several pars and a bunch of bogies but she also makes her share of 7’s and 8’s. She wants to stop doing that.

6- She takes great pleasure in every good shot (her’s and mine). The end result might be a double bogey but she is quick to point out the great wedge I hit before we get to the next tee.

5- She likes to walk. There is no better or faster way to play this game than on two feet from tee to fairway to green to tee. It’s always our first choice.

4- She plays fast ( but slows me down) – I like to play quickly, hate to wait, but she has taught and is teaching me to be better with that. “Hang out here in the cart with me for a minute” or “What’s the rush to get to the tee box, let’s enjoy the shade for a sec” is what she’ll say and that time spent is ALWAYS better than staring at all the trouble in the fairway or waiting for the green to clear before I hit my second shot to a par five. But when it IS the right time to hit she’s ready and she hits it.

3- She respects the game and it’s rules. She knows the sport revolves around ethics and integrity and she not only appreciates that she admires it.

2- She’s my best friend. We enjoy each other’s company and can walk down a fairway talking about anything or go from green to tee and say absolutely nothing.

1- She rekindled my love for the game. Enough said.

This game is challenging, frustrating, exhilarating, wonderful, incredibly hard at times and surprisingly easy at others. It’s all that and more but it’s always better when you share it with a great companion.

About Keith Hirshland

My name is Keith Hirshland and I am a four decades television veteran who has spent time both in front of and behind the camera. During nearly forty years in broadcasting my path has crossed in front of, behind and alongside some of the best in the business... And some of the worst. Many of those people I count as friends while others wouldn't make the effort to spit on me if I was on fire. This television life started early watching my Mom and Dad found, fund and run a local affiliate TV station in Reno, Nevada. As a teenager approaching adulthood I worked for them, first as an on-air sports reporter/anchor and later as a director and producer. Jobs in the industry took me across the country and then to many places around the world. Sports is my passion and putting it on TV has been my business. Production credits include auto racing, baseball, basketball, bowling, college football, field hockey, soccer, volleyball and water polo but the majority of my time "in the chair" since 1990 has been invested in the game of golf with both ESPN and The Golf. Channel ( I was one of the first forty people hired by TGC in 1994 ). I am a fan and I watch TV sports as a fan but I also have hundreds of thousands of hours watching from inside a production truck. I think that makes me qualified to comment, my hope is you agree. I have written four books, Cover Me Boys, I'm Going In (Tales of the Tube from a Broadcast Brat), a memoir that is a tribute to my parents, the hard working, creative people who started ESPN2 and The Golf Channel and a look back at my life in television. Cover Me Boys was awarded the “Memoir of the Year” in 2017 by Book Talk Radio Club. In February of 2019 it was released anew by Beacon Publishing Group. My second book is a novel, Big Flies, and is a mystery that tells the story of a father and a son with four of the world's most notorious unsolved robberies as a backdrop. Big Flies was named “Solo Medalist” in the True Crime category by New Apple Awards. My third book, another mystery titled The Flower Girl Murder, was published in 2018. Book number four might be the most fun I ever had on a writing project. Murphy Murphy and the Case of Serious Crisis is a mystery, a love story, and an homage to good grammar. It is both the Book Talk Radio Club BOOK OF THE YEAR for 202 and a TopShelf Awards first prize winner in the mystery category. All four are available at Amazon. Book five is in the capable hands of the good people at Beacon Publishing Group and should be available soon. I look forward to sharing new thoughts about golf, golf television, sports in general and the broadcast industry with you. The views expressed here are mine and mine alone. They are not connected to nor endorsed by any other person, association, company or organization.
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